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In 1883 John Overall, a blacksmith, commenced business under a tree in Erskine Street, Sydney. At that location he had a one ton capacity hammer which cost one thousand pounds.

During the next 80 years the business expanded to become a major supplier in the Sydney market.

Overall Forge About


In the 1950’s Graham and his brother Peter Overall assumed control of the family business. In 1963, Graham Overall, went to the UK and Europe to review new development in this industry. Subsequently he bought a new press and manipulator to update the business. This was the first unit of its type in Australia. Later he revisited Europe and purchased his first ring mill. The ring mill allowed Overall Forge to enter the oil and gas exploration industry and to become the first manufacturer in the world to produce profiled seamless rolled rings.

After a number of changes of ownership the company is now owned by Lawrie Chadwick.

The moving of the company from Sydney to Albury was completed in 1996. The new location has a land area of over 90 000 square meters. At that time the building was only 60 meters long. Today the building is 240 meters long and covers an area in excess of 13 200 square meters.

The large roof area of the Forge provides a perfect opportunity to harvest cooling water. There is a total storage capacity of 5 Mega litres installed which is in excess of 6 months supply of both cooling and domestic water for the Forge, and provides the Forge with security of supply.

Overall Forge has invested heavily in a Sustainability Advantage Programme with the Australian Federal Government which aims to reduce energy and our carbon foot print. For those achievements we received the recognition as “Sustainability Advantage Partner” in 2010.

Overall Forge employs some 90 staff, including 12 degree qualified engineers and metallurgists.

The business is deliberately targeted at the highest level of quality in each market we service. This strategy has enabled us to remain aloof from competition with the emerging third world markets, yet sets us head to head with the best suppliers in the world. The great majority of which are substantially larger than this business.

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