Overall Forge


Climate Change

Overall Forge is committed to re-tooling for Climate Change. We have undertaken a program, with the assistance of the Australian Federal Government, to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our first project has been to upgrade our process plant to improve energy efficiency in relation to our furnaces and introduce an Energy Management Computer System.

We have followed up our first project with another project based upon the utilization of waste heat from furnace exhaust with the installation of recuperative burning.

The final project in the current round of re-tooling entails the upgrading of electrical systems through use of modern technology controls.

Water Resources

Overall Forge is committed to the collection and storage of rainwater for use in its plant. Currently we store over 1,000,000 liters of rainwater in collection tanks and it is used for production requirements and non-potable use.

Waste water is treated and recycled on our native trees.

Steel Recycling

Overall Forge recycles all waste steel. The waste takes the form of swarf, scale and unusable off-cuts. Scrap metal merchants are used for the removal of the scrap from our site.


Overall Forge recycles its cardboard through a recycler and also supports laser printer cartridge refilling.

Tree Planting

Overall Forge has had an active tree planting scheme where it has planted thousands of trees for the benefit of the environment.

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