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Vertical Boring

Vertical boring can be completed up to 3000mm diameter. Maximum part weight of 15000kg.

Polish 1,2 and 3 Max. length side head 550mm Max. length turret head 900mm
Tall 48″ Max. length side head 500mm Max. length turret head 700mm
Stanko Max. length side head 500mm Max. length turret head 700mm
Webster & Bennett 60″ Max. length turret head 700mm Min. cutting diameter 300mm
Vickers Max. length turret head 1700mm Min. cutting diameter 300mm
Richards Max. length turret head 1700mm Min. cutting diameter 300mm

Lathe Turning

The numerous lathes can machine up to 1600mm swing diameter and 5800mm between centres. The majority of lathes are rough machine, the Poreba and Swift will also finish machine.  Maximum part weight is 20000kg.

Russian Max. length 2700mm Max. diameter 500mm
Dianichi Max. length 6000mm Max. diameter 1180mm
Skoda Max. length 5300mm Max. diameter 900mm
Craven 1 Max. length 5000mm Max. diameter 1200mm
Craven 2 Max. length 10000mm Max. diameter 1800mm
Swift Max. length 6250mm Max. diameter 800mm
Poreba Max. length 7000mm Max. diameter 900mm

Deep Hole Boring

A standard range of drill heads from 25mm to 229mm diameter are used. Sizes outside this standard range can be obtained.

Tacchi Max. drill from both ends 5000mm
Drill tolerance/meter drilling from both ends  (+/-) 3-6mm.
Drill tolerance (+/-) 1mm per meter
Max. drill depth 2700mm
Min. hole diameter 38mm
Max. job diameter 800mm

Milling Capacity

Milling capacity is 5500mm long by 2000mm wide x 1650mm high.  Maximum part weight is 14000kg.

Stirk Max. size of 5700mm L x 2100mm W x 2000mm H
Pontiac Max. size of 2500mm L x 1500mm W x 800mm H
Plano Max. size of 900mm W x 4500mm L W x 1000mm H


With a tolerance of +/- 0.25mm with finished quality.

S&T CNC Borer Max. load 9000kg
Max. length 1000mm
Maximum diameter 1480mm
SFM CNC Lathe Max. load 20000kg
Max. length 8000mm
Max. diameter 1800mm
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